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Facility Name Bloomfield Care Center and Mulberry Place Independent & Assisted Living
Address 800 N. Davis, Bloomfield, Iowa, 52537
Phone 641-664-2699
Fax 641-664-2929
Job Title Door Greeter (Customer Service/Concierge)
Posting Date 09/05/2019
Posted By Linda Grindle
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Job Title/Position:

Under the direction of the Business Office Manager, demonstrates outstanding customer service skills in providing varied levels of assistance to resident, families and visitors, typically during off- business office hours.  The Customer Service/ Concierge provides timely, accurate information and direction to visitors while protecting patients' rights to privacy, monitors security of entrance/ exit doors, answers the phone and performs filing or other unskilled business office functions as directed, and participates in resident activities as assigned.  This position includes direct resident contact and attentiveness to residents' personal needs and schedules.


Completion of ABCM orientation and employment screening, must be 14 years of age.

Additional Requirements:

PDC: We believe in a Person Directed Care approach to long-term care, encouraging the individuals who live in our communities to make choices about the care and services they receive.

All positions:  Must be free from communicable diseases. Recommend immunizations be current in accordance to recommendations by CDC (unless contraindicated due to allergy), or natural immunity acquired by illness with specific disease.  Must pass criminal background and abuse registry checks and be eligible for unrestricted employment.

Corporate Benefits:

Additional Information/Facility Benefits:

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