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ABCM Corporation is a multi-service provider offering top-quality long term care solutions throughout the state of Iowa.

Nursing Care FAQs

How do facilities insure quality care?

Nursing Facility Care is one of the most highly regulated industries in the United States. All nursing care facilities participating in either Medicare or Medicaid must have an on-site inspection of their care and facility at least once every fifteen months. This inspection is conducted by a team of nurses and other professionals from a state regulatory agency that contracts with Medicare or Medicaid to perform these surveys. In addition, the Federal government conducts random look-behind surveys of facilities to ensure that the state agencies are doing their job properly.

These surveys are designed to review the care and services that a facility provides to ensure that quality care is provided to residents paid for by either the Medicare or Medicaid programs.

These agencies are also responsible for conducting complaint investigations of facilities when a resident, family member or other concerned individual registers such complaints against a facility.

In addition to this oversight by state and Federal agencies, facilities desiring to provide the highest quality of care institute quality assurance programs to ensure that all attempts are made to provide the highest quality of care practicable. An effective quality assurance program looks for ways to improve care and services before problems are noted or responds quickly to correct any problems when they occur. Effective programs often result in higher customer satisfaction and regulatory surveys with few or minor problems.

Individuals inquiring about admission to a long term care facility should inquire about the quality assurance programs in place at the facilities they visit.
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