More than 50 years of service to Iowa in 31 locations

We strive to provide the individuals who live in our communities, an environment that nurtures personal relationships, and values the unique contributions of each community member. Each home is as unique as the services they offer.

Skilled Nursing Service

<h2>Skilled Nursing Service</h2>
ABCM's Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers offer 24-hour care to individuals who are in need of physical, emotional, or mental health support or care.
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Independent & Assisted Living

<h2>Independent & Assisted Living</h2>
Ideal solution for individuals who need support services or limited help with daily activities, but still wish to remain in a self-sufficient environment.
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Specialized Care and Services

<h2>Specialized Care and Services</h2>
Explore our specialized care and services unique to our 31 facilities across Iowa. Discover what specialized care and services each community offers.
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Contact a Care Liaison

<h2>Contact a Care Liaison</h2>
Care Liaisons are on call 24/7. Our Care Liaisons follow the entire process from admission to discharge from any location. A solution for standardize processes and continuity of care.
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ABCM Hotline

<h2>ABCM Hotline</h2>
We are meeting your expectations with our HOTLINE NUMBER. This number is for residents, families, and employees for confidential reporting. We strive to meet the needs of residents, their families and employees.
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We give you choices

What are you going to have for dinner tonight? Are you going to exercise or watch TV afterwards? How about tomorrow, do you have any specific plans? Regardless of the answers to these questions, one thing remains constant: the choice is yours.

Contrary to the traditional medical model where individuals are treated solely based on their diagnosis and medical needs, Person Directed Care is a commitment to the respect and accommodation of individual routines, meals, activities, even the preferred room settings, of each community member. ABCM is making huge strides in providing Person Directed Care by changing our reliance on set procedures and limited choices.

Person Directed Care is about changing the entire culture of a community by empowering our residents and caregivers (family members and staff) to have input in decisions that impact everyone involved. We create an environment where daily routines and habits are not only allowed, but encouraged and accommodated. The individuals who live in our communities become family, with a sense of security and belonging.

The Person Directed Care initiative is to continually strive to create an environment that affirms the dignity and value of each individual who lives and works within this unique culture. While most organizations operate from the top down, ABCM Corporation has created a work environment where staff at all levels is encouraged to provide input into procedures and policies that affect the entire community culture.

Person Directed Care is an ongoing process with exciting opportunities for our community members and caregivers to improve quality of care and quality of life.

ABCM Corporation welcomes you to join us on our journey to enrich the lives of others. Stop by one of our communities, volunteer, come along on an outing, or join us at one of our numerous community events. You'll witness the ABCM difference in everything we do.


Richard Allbee, CEO of ABCM CorporationA message from Richard Allbee, CEO of ABCM Corporation: The heart and strength of our organization is the sum of the contributions of the 3,008 people who team together toward our common mission of caring for our residents, our families and our communities. Their commitment to excellence is clearly demonstrated in our Family Satisfaction survey results. We have built and maintain a corporate structure that allows us the ability to provide and receive support at all levels, and to persevere against all odds.

ABCM was built on a standard of excellence

Nationally recognized ABCM Corporation is one of the first organizations to advance the utilization of quality assurance personnel to help staff members improve the provision of care and services for the elderly, and remains committed to providing care that is sensitive, compassionate, promptly delivered, and cost-effective.

ABCM Corporation constructed Iowa's first modern care center in Hampton, opening the doors of the 50-bed home on April 29, 1963. Since then, ABCM Corporation has developed and acquired numerous health service programs including 30 skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers, 23 independent and assisted living programs, 13 outpatient therapy centers, a separate related durable medical supply corporation, and various other entities.

Our philosophy sets us apart from others
One of the most difficult aspects of recognizing the need for long-term care is the idea that one is forced to give up simple, everyday pleasures and choices. At ABCM, we believe in a Person Directed Care approach to specialized health care. Meaning, we encourage the individuals in our care to make choices in their health care and services that are consistent with their life-long beliefs, habits, unique needs and preferences. We give you choices. Isn't that really what it's all about?


Our beliefs set us apart from others

ABCM Corporation operates numerous rehabilitation centers, long-term care facilities, and independent and assisted living communities throughout the state of Iowa. We have built our corporate foundation on the unique philosophy of Person Directed Care, striving to provide the individuals who live in our communities and their families, choices and input in their health care, activities, meals, and the overall direction of their lives. We focus on physical, emotional and social wellness, providing compassionate care and understanding in an environment that nurtures personal relationships, and values the unique contributions of each community member.  Our services include: Rehab to Home, Outpatient Therapy, Independent & Assisted Living, 24 Hour Skilled Nursing, Alzheimer's, Hospice Care, Bariatric Care, Ventilator Program, Traumatic Brain Injury, Respite Services, ABCM Healthy Living Home Care.

Find your niche with ABCM

We reward dedicated employees


You will find job descriptions, locations, an application blank with an area for a letter of application and the ability to upload your resume.

ABCM Corporation operates 31 rehabilitation and long-term care facilities, and 23 independent & assisted living communities throughout the state of Iowa. With our size, depth, and geographical locations, you can gain a competitive edge by taking advantage of opportunities to transfer within the state, retaining your longevity and earned benefits.

ABCM provides a team-oriented environment with continuous opportunities for advancing your professional skills and personal growth through ongoing internal and external training. In addition, all full-time positions offer competitive salaries and full benefits.

Benefits and perks

  • Medical, dental, vision, life insurance and AFLAC
  • Paid vacation, holidays, and sick leave
  • 401k retirement plan
  • Tuition assistance for continuing education
  • Cross training opportunities
  • Forgivable loan program and scholarships
  • Free uniforms, safety shoes and equipment
  • Free meals

If your professional mission matches that of ABCM Corporation, and you want an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of others, consider us as your employer.

If you are interested in learning more about your opportunities with ABCM Corporation, contact:

Todd Allbee
ABCM Corporation
HR Director
P.O. Box 514
Hampton, IA 50441
(641) 456-5636

ABCM Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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